Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i know that i have been largely silent over the past few months. i haven't been ignoring you -- i really haven't. i've just taken a break.

i'm not sure why i felt the need. i was super busy, had a lot of reading, and a lot of thinking. i took a philosophy class that made me think A LOT, and it made me realize how much more i have to learn.

so i've taken a break. and i felt for a time that what i have worked so hard to establish here was just a big waste of time, like i hadn't really done anything. but i feel energized again. maybe i'm not doing a lot. but i'm doing what i do best right now -- i'm publicizing other people's efforts at making the world a better place. i'm forming networks and spreading the word about things i care about. one day, i hope that passion will translate a little more concretely; i'll be able to solve problems and help people in a more tangible way.

so i am back.

i will do my best to update this blog more often, to comment on yours, and together -- i firmly believe -- we can make this world a better place.

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