Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a search engine... and a charity... at the same time? could it be possible? proposes to do just that. just pick a charity that's been registered with the site, conduct your web searches as you normally do (it's powered by yahoo!), and you can earn money for charities and schools! each click approximates to $0.01 for your charity (as long as you're not cheating!!). the money is generated the same way as the hunger site -- advertisers! half of the revenue generated goes to charities. read more at the faq.

google is my homepage and my favorite search engine. according to my search history, i've made 472 searches in the past month. wow! i'm going to commit to changing my homepage to for at least one month. if i like it, i'll stick to it. i propose the same challenge to you. just try it out for one month -- that's all!

so here's my april challenge for you: change your homepage to recommend it to your friends. use those pennies to make a difference.

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