Tuesday, November 07, 2006

mental illness in gulu, uganda

THE number of metal illness cases at Gulu Referral Hospital is high.
A total of 30 cases were recorded in October.

“There is an increase in the number of mental illnesses because in the past months, the admissions were at an average of 20 cases,” said the principal psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Aluma.

“In July, we registered 15 cases and in August, we received 21 cases and the number is getting bigger.”

Aluma said the majority of the patients suffer from mental imbalances caused by the traumatic effects of the 20-year-old war between the Government and the LRA rebels.

“We are receiving many patients because of the heavy sensitisation that is done on radio that mental illnesses can be cured if treated early,” Aluma said.
Aluma decried understaffing, saying the unit has very few psychiatrists who can administer drugs and treatment to patients effectively.

“The unit has only one principle psychiatric clinical officer, two doctors of special training and four nurses. These are not enough to fully attend to each patient considering the alarming cases of re- admissions,” Aluma said.

He said over 500 patients are re-admitted each month due to their failure to take medication as directed by doctors.

***this is a repost from a myspace bulletin.

***just verified this article on allafrica.com.

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