Monday, October 30, 2006

do you like to write poetry?

So all you creative people out there who want to help out, get writing.

I am looking for poems relating to the situation in Africa, poverty, Aids, Orphans situation,unfair trade or the national debt.

The best poems will be selected to appear in a book which will be published to raise funds for Rafikis Children.

There will be no no form of payment or royalties for the author however your name will be published with selected poems.

Please email your poems to:
Thank you

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Blogger Deepak Menon said...

Yes - I do like poetry - one of the many things I like and yes I do like to write poetry. And I have just posted a poem I wrote called "UNKNOWN" on my blog - it will perhaps echo some of your intrinsic emotions

12:37 PM  

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